Tips: advertising per click

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  • 1. content website or blog, make a high quality. select an interesting blog title. blog theme that is often preferred by many people. but the resources available on the Internet is still small.
    2. text ads preferred content using English. be sought in the language of your blog using the English language because it will be very many people who can read the language of our websites or blogs.
    3. pursue your website or blog has an interesting layout and supports text ads.
    4. provide an attractive facility on your blog so that visitors feel at home in your blog and often come back. for visitors as much with the way blogwalking, or fill out the guest book or blog website because of the greater number of visitors, the greater our chances of text ads is clicked.
    5. regularly visit the blog often abroad because every click of the blogs abroad, bringing more dollars perklik than clicks from within the country.

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