apps facebook: blog promotion via facebook

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  • a variety of ways to promote blogs. whether blogwalking, put banners on other blogs, tell your friends, and one that is, the campaign blog through facebook. the tips this time, we use the apps on facebook. and every time you perform the update on your blog, automatically NetworketBlog apps will promote your blog. the name itself NetworkedBlogs apps. You can find these apps on the search engine on facebook. Be a fan of these apps. NetworkedBlogs page load.

    contents of the data in the form below according to the criteria of your blog,
    then click on the next. and now these apps can already do your campaign any updates automatically.

    floating widget: add a widget floating

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  • floating widget is a widget that is an image in the corner, and this image will not change even if we do scrolling. For example, you can open a blog riora-182.blogspot.com, in the lower right corner, you see the monkey picture, or the lower right corner of this blog there was an arrow. how to install it as follows:

    Loggin on your blog

    select the layout - edit HTML

    to prevent errors please download the template first
    expand widget - Download full template

    search code [[></b:skin>

    Put the code below just above the code we're looking for

    #floating {
    position:fixed;_position:absolute;bottom:0px; left:0px; clip:inherit; _top:expression(document.documentElement.scrollTop+
    document.documentElement.clientHeight-this.clientHeight); _left:expression(document.documentElement.scrollLeft+ document.documentElement.clientWidth - offsetWidth); }

    copy the script below before the code </body>

    <div id='floating'>
    <a href='http://your blog address.blogspot.com/#top'>
    <img src='http://your image addres.jpg'/>

    after that save the template and see the results.
    image extension can be jpg, gif

    The Importance of Blogging

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  • many people who do blogging activities. are those who have a character (http://software-freeware.net blog owner said it). bloggers always has the goal of making these blogs. blog to share opinions, share information, or to monetize purpose. more bloggers voice heard readers, rather than another netter. bloggers can make money from the popularity he has. various views of one of the blogging that is described as a personal diary. there are many benefits of blogging, among other
    - You can monetize your blog, and you will reap the results.
    - Sharing information users blog one another
    - Can be a discussion with the visitors and among fellow bloggers
    - Can be a learning arena for ideas to write
    - And many more

    SEO: Includes Meta Tags in Blogger

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  • optimize blogs with meta tags. many ways to optimize blog,. including backlink, blog register in the directory and the other is to put a meta tag. function of the meta tag is to give the identity of our blog, which aims to search engines can recognize our blog. an easy way to install a meta tag on our blog is:

    try to login to the dashboard of blogger
    click on the layout after leaving the page layout, select edit html
    search code <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>

    after that put the code below exactly under the code above

    <meta content=' write description here' name='description'/>
    <meta content=' write your keyword here ' name='keywords'/>
    <meta content='idex,follow' name='robots'/>

    change the word green in your blog description

    Tips: advertising per click

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  • 1. content website or blog, make a high quality. select an interesting blog title. blog theme that is often preferred by many people. but the resources available on the Internet is still small.
    2. text ads preferred content using English. be sought in the language of your blog using the English language because it will be very many people who can read the language of our websites or blogs.
    3. pursue your website or blog has an interesting layout and supports text ads.
    4. provide an attractive facility on your blog so that visitors feel at home in your blog and often come back. for visitors as much with the way blogwalking, or fill out the guest book or blog website because of the greater number of visitors, the greater our chances of text ads is clicked.
    5. regularly visit the blog often abroad because every click of the blogs abroad, bringing more dollars perklik than clicks from within the country.

    Favicon: Put Favicon

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  • Favicon (Favorite Icon) is a small icon that is located next to adressbar. example of a favicon is in the picture below.

    we can change the icon according to the icon that we want. we can use the icon generator for make favicon. Here we try to change the favicon with iconarcive. entered on the dashboard page. then select the layout. after it emerged the page page element. and select edit html .. click expand widgets. failure to anticipate the addition of the script, download the template you advance in a way, download full template. open iconarchive.com site. here provided a lot of icons. once you select the icon that you like. here there are lots of pictures size. select image size 16 x 16 px so favicon can appear. then right click and copy image location (green text). paste the image location in the script below.
    <link href="image location" rel='SHORTCUT ICON'/>

    then go to edit html on your blog. look for the code </head>. Put this script just above the </head>. after that save the template. then see your blog whether or not to change your favicon. good luck

    SEO: How to choose keywords in your blog

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  • keyword is useful for the blog, allows people to search for something on search engines. use keywords that are often sought by Internet users. try keyword at least two words to four words. so every time you are posting please make sure your keywords have one, in every hundred words. there are tools to discover keywords that you are not confused to think about it.

    Google provides these tools to get the choice of the best keywords. This equipment ajax based and very easy to use to select keywords. you can export the file directly into excel.

    This tool has advantages. you will be given keywords that are often in search of people and related to the keywords you provide. so you are advised to choose keywords that Wordtracker is given by the more precise you provide.

    dollars from the text ads: google adsense

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  • The most popular text ads currently is google adsense. google adsense is the text ads offered by Google. google adsense (GA) to support blogs that use the English language. for Indonesia, Indonesian has not yet supported by google adsense. URL of google adsense http://www.google.com/adsense
    to be able to gain dollars through the GA, you must register first. make sure you have an e-mail account google. if you do not already have an account, then we have to fill out a form like the picture below.

    fill out the form with the correct data or valid, especially the name and address. why the content of the data correctly? because they relate to the delivery of your payment. listed completed wait 2 to 3 days to be approved by google adsense.

    after it is approved, then we will be able to advertise on our website or blog. we are given freedom to its settings.