SEO: Pinging

  • reiyo
  • Ping function to notify search engines, that you already have a blog, and tell the search engine to index your blog. by pinging the possibility blog / website you have, indexed with a guaranteed

    mypagerank.net is one search engine for blog / your website, and can actively indexing your blog, and there are many different widget here like SEO stats, SEO Monitor and so on.

    entered on the site and input http://mypagerank.net/service_pingservice_index blog title, URL, code, select (check on this section) you on the dialog box, like the image below

    then click updates ping sites

    same here it works with other servise ping. very easy way, go to page pingomatic.com.
    content of your blog's name, the content of your blog URL, and RSS URLs. setelh it click on the check all, so we can send to all search engines. then send a ping. done

    if you seek after the update blog or post a new article, you pinging first, so that search engines know that you have a new article. good luck